What is SAS Fiction?

     SAS Fiction is simply Short-Attention-Span fiction, i.e. short stories.  My word count ranges between 300-4000. 

     I did not originate the concept of SAS fiction; I thought I had invented the name, until a quick web search proved otherwise.  Oops.

     The stories I post are my own, unless otherwise noted.  Any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

     Most of the fiction I have written is inspired by the “homework” given at the monthly Writers’ Group meeting I attend.  We are sent home with an inspirational phrase to become the heart of a new story, whether real or make-believe.  The beauty of it is that the results are as disparate as the writers.  If 10 people do the homework, we will hear 10 different interpretations of the given phrase.

     You may expect a new homework-inspired story each month, although I will endeavor to add to the blog between meetings.

     Happy reading!  ~~  Jennifer


4 Responses to What is SAS Fiction?

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  2. Neat! Seeing that my blog also deals with SAS, I’ve just subscribed 😉

    See you soon.

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