Beware the Tower-Mounted News Cameras!

    Or:  Self-Editing Takes the Day Off    

     I spotted the following sentence in an online Associated Press story about the tornadoes sweeping the southern United States:

     “Neighborhoods there were leveled by a massive tornado caught on video by a tower-mounted news camera that barreled through late Wednesday afternoon.”

     Let’s take a closer look at the last half of that sentence:
“…a tower-mounted news camera that barreled through late Wednesday afternoon.”

     So, now we’re to fear not only tornadoes, but tower-mounted news cameras, as well?  Delicious.  That one silly sentence turned an otherwise sober report into a real head-scratcher.

     The good news for unseasoned writers is that even the pros get it wrong on occasion.  Likely, the stress of writing under a deadline can foster some interesting phrasing at times. 

     Meanwhile, the convoluted construction of the AP quote serves to remind me to watch out for my own “tower-mounted news cameras” when I write.  Those things can strike without warning.

     Have you found a silly sentence in the news lately?  Do tell!**************************************************************************


About SAS Fiction Girl

Writer of short fiction because I don't have the attention span to write anything longer.
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4 Responses to Beware the Tower-Mounted News Cameras!

  1. pattisj says:

    They don’t even have a warning system for those cameras, do they??

  2. jannatwrites says:

    I hate to admit this, but it took a couple of times reading this before I caught the funny. (In my defense, I read it in my email and the red color didn’t come through. Flimsy, I know, but it’s all I’ve got.)

    I will be more vigilant in looking for those tower mounted cameras because of your post. Thanks!

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