Heart Palpitations to Begin in 3…2…

Some of you may know that I have an interest in screenwriting.  I took a class, read some books, purchased the software, and realized I was in waaaaaaaay over my head.  Plus, the stories weren’t coming.  I had plenty of ideas, to be sure.  I even had beginnings and endings.  The problem was, my stories had no middles (for a writer, that is a Major Problem.)

To add to my frustration, I have been convinced that the key to success is in my head (not literally; that would hurt.)  In other words, if I want to move up in the world and attain great success, I just have to pull the stories out of my brain and put them down on paper.  Easier said than done, of course.

As a middle ground, I began this blog, where I could get some of my stories out into the world in shortened form and feel a bit better that they were no longer known to me only.  What I did not expect was the news I got last night:

I have been asked to submit a screenplay based on my post “Another Life.”  I was asked to flesh out the story (I have yet to decide how) and submit at least 90 pages.  In the movie world, 1 page = 1 minute of screen time (except in the case of Lord of the Rings in which 1 page = 10 minutes, or something like that), so they’re essentially asking for an hour and a half movie.

I have until June 15th to submit the screenplay.  (Does anyone think I can do this???)  The person asking works for an independent film company.  I’ve looked up their titles, and I’m impressed.  Meanwhile, I don’t want to say any more than that, because I’m almost guaranteed to jinx it if I do.

Please wish me luck, and if I seem to be absent online more than usual, you’ll know why.


About SAS Fiction Girl

Writer of short fiction because I don't have the attention span to write anything longer.
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20 Responses to Heart Palpitations to Begin in 3…2…

  1. suzicate says:

    Yay, congrats! Of course, you can do it!!!

  2. Evelyn says:

    At last! An opportunity to REALLY challenge you! Well, I–for one–have absolutely no doubt that you’re up to it. Just think of it as a string of writing exercises–and you know how you rise to those challenges with excellence!

    If you need someone to bounce around plot points or dialogue with, you can count on me. I worked around television scripts for several years and taken scriptwriting workshops, so I know a bit.

    This is great. I’m so excited for you! Go for it! 🙂

  3. pattisj says:

    Jennifer, I hope this is NOT your idea of an April 1st prank. 🙂 Of course you can do this! Um, by the way, can I get your autograph at our next meeting? You know…just in case…for when you make the Big Time…

  4. Karen says:

    Yes, you can do it! You got the writing thing down– all you have to do is get the hang of the screenwriting format, which Ev (Fearless Leader and Project Nazi Extraordinaire) can help you with. Remember all of us peons in your Oscar acceptance speech. I want a trip to your yacht.

  5. joanna says:

    It’s about time!!! Yay!

  6. pattyabr says:

    I remember reading Another Life. Nice story- it would make a great screenplay. Keep at it.

    I read Maeve Binchy’s book on writing and I chose to do a blog after reading her book. This is a nice forum for which to test out your potential as a writer and reading the responses from your readers. I have no idea if I am any good at this. I know I need some more instruction. But I know it is therapeutic for me to write.

  7. jannatwrites says:

    Okay, I was all excited for you, and then I saw the comment about April Fool’s. Please tell me you aren’t playing a (very mean) joke on us!

    If this is for real, I say, “yeah, of course you can do it!” Good luck!

  8. ed frost says:

    Did you mention this in class and, if so, was it one that Eileen and I weren’t there for? I think that’s great!! How did they find out about your blog? Were they just trolling blogs and came across yours? You can do it – focus!!!

  9. ed frost says:

    Oooooh! I am cut to the quick that I failed to notice the date and tie it all together; trusting soul that I am. Ah, what deviousness lurks in that head of yours!

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