“Collateral” by Jeff Levenstein

     I’ll let you in on a secret:  some of today’s best works of fiction come from the fertile minds of South African writers.  Their stories draw you in with a combination of believability, international intrigue and the promise of a better life.  Recently, I was fortunate to receive an unsolicited manuscript by Jeff Levenstein.  I believe Mr. Levenstein has a bright future as a professional writer of fiction, and I want to be the first to share this author with you.



Dear Sir,
     My name is Mr. Jeff Levenstein.  I am the chief operational officer with one of South Africa’s investment and private-based bank.  Our bank is a specialist private bank that accepts deposits from high net-worth individuals, blue chip corporations and commodities traders in southern Africa.  My major responsibilities throughout my nineteen years of service to this bank include (1) analysis and monitoring of monthly, annual corporate and statutory accounts, (2) internal and statutory audit, quarterly and yearly balance sheet, (3) project-related financial planning with followup funding and (4) coordinating the bank’s infrastructure functions across all businesses, product groups, legal entities and branches.
     My bank has gone into liquidation and our esteemed customers are receiving payouts from the government’s depositor compensation scheme through an investment bank.  The liquidation plan estimates that 89% of our customers would be fully refunded before the end of 2011.
     In the cause of my duty, I noted that one of our customers, Mr. Fred Buther, a Canadian citizen who secured a loan facility with us for $13 million, is now deceased.  Mr. Fred Buther deposited with us as a collateral security documents of ownership of his mine field in South Africa.  The mine field has been repossessed, and it is valued at $47 million.  The liquidating authorities are ready to refund the excess amount of $34 million back to Mr. Buther.  I am in possession of Mr. Buther’s collateral documents as the officer who negotiated the facility on behalf of the bank.
     I will need your partnership to claim this fund out of the government because Mr. Buther has no known next of kin.  All I need to do is to make you next of kin to Mr. Buther by filling in your name in the appropriate document.  I will send you all the documents relating to his repossessed mine field and direct you on how to apply for the fund.  There will not be any difficulty as I am an insider, and the person directly involved in approving the payment is also participating in this transaction.  This is legal, and we propose a 50-50% sharing pattern once the fund is transferred to your account.
     I will give you further details upon receipt of your response.  Please, I advise that you keep this proposed transaction very confidential.
     You can reach me at +277.redacted.  My fax number is +277.redacted or my private email at jeff@redacted.co.za.
     I will await your urgent response.

Mr. Jeff Levenstein


About SAS Fiction Girl

Writer of short fiction because I don't have the attention span to write anything longer.
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20 Responses to “Collateral” by Jeff Levenstein

  1. Petar Novakovic says:

    just got one in the fax.LOL

    • Yep – that’s how I always get mine. They certainly make for interesting reading. I used to send them on to the local Secret Service field office, but there are so many of these scammers, I just gave up.
      Thank you for reading!

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  3. nrhatch says:


    Glad that you saw his potential! 🙄

  4. jannatwrites says:

    I’m laughing because I’m a little slow this evening. I was thinking this was an actual story as I started to read it.

    So, you’re going to do it, right? 😉

  5. pattisj says:

    But did you sign the document? LOL

  6. gouldkb says:

    I got this fax this morning. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. That is why I decided to look it up on Google today. It makes me wonder how many people have fallen for this scam? People are getting desparate and it’s only going to get worse. People need to wake up and realize that there is no free ride in life and no mysterious inheritance of money from a relative that doesn’t exist.

    • Since I posted this “story,” my blogsite has gotten more hits than I’ve ever seen before. Over 200 people have come here after searching the “author’s” name online. Apparently, Phoenix Media Ltd. (the sender of the fax) was very busy this past weekend. This sort of thing is really old hat to me. I could probably start a blog and reprint nothing but faxes and e-mails of this type, since I get them all the time.
      The worst part is, people are getting killed over these schemes. Folks who want a shortcut to wealth agree to meet up with their benefactors, then are murdered and their ID and money stolen. I believe it’s happened on US soil, so one does not have to travel far to find mayhem.
      As for how many people have fallen for it, I would guess that enough people have made it worthwhile for the scammers to continue to ply their trade.
      Read more about it here: http://www.fraudaid.com/ScamSpeak/Nigerian/I%27veReceivedaNigerianLetter-WhatDo-I-Do.htm
      Thank you for visiting and commenting! 🙂

  7. Deirdre Pickford says:

    just received this by fax today except jeff levenstein is now jeff radebe!!! these are just so annoying!

  8. Shereen Greenland says:

    This loser has now changed his name to Jeff Radebe…..so…..just take note people.

  9. Simon Rasmussen says:

    I hate it when my mine field gets repossessed.

    • Dear Friend Simon,
      I was referred to you as someone who has had the financial unfortunality of having his mine field repossessed. We all having had this tragedy occurrences ourselves. I have good news! A 48 year old Namibian orphan named Prince Jeffrey Maxwell Lipschitz has recently diseased and as his most closely related next of kin, you are eligible to receive his bank proceeds of US $5.45! Please send me the deed to your house as fair and honest collateral, as soon as possible, so the government does not claim your inheritance in taxes.
      Your most humble scammer servant,
      A. Nonnie Maus

  10. shirley says:

    Received this fax at work last March. You type better.

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