The Six Word Story Contest Winners

     Remember the Six Word Story contest?  I blogged about it here.  Writers’ Group met last Tuesday night and the winners were announced.  Evelyn read through the list of stories that made it to judging.  I wish you could have heard them – they were fantastic, so I know the 6 judges had their work cut out for them.

     I received permission to publish the top four winners.  Updated:  Evelyn has commented on this post and provided more entries from the contest.  Don’t miss it!

The Top Four

4.  “Custom Letering.”  Business folds.  Owner mystified.  –  Pam Piccolo

3.  Sneaky snake.  Apple.  Naked.  Evicted.  Homeless.  –  Kathy Daugherty

2.  Rejected screenwriter becomes movie critic.  Revenge.  –  Jen Miele

1.  For sale:  time machine.  Used once.  –  Karen Mc Spadden

My Prize Basket

And My Award

     These are my other four entries, which made it to the semi-finals in judging:

Philandering artist paints himself into corner.

Poor fisherman wins lottery, goes overboard.

Lonely.  Academy Award.  Famous.  Becomes hermit.

That’s not me in the mirror!

     We were allowed five entries for the contest, but Evelyn also permitted us to replace early entries with later ones.  Here are the stories I removed from the contest:

Condom broke.  Baby on the way.

The animals revolt.  People are eaten.

Married a millionaire.  Left him broke.

“Wasn’t me!”  “Then who?”  “Evil twin.”

Have you got a six-word story?  Share it with us in the comments section.  – Jen


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Writer of short fiction because I don't have the attention span to write anything longer.
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4 Responses to The Six Word Story Contest Winners

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Hey, congrats on the win! Nice basket 🙂

    I’ve never written a six word story, but those entries were very clever. This is all I could come up with at this late hour:

    Hubby said, “cats or me.” Goodbye.
    Got text, replied back, crashed car.

  2. Evelyn says:

    There were a couple of things that struck me as being kind of funny about the contest–and that would be funny/peculiar not funny/ha-ha. The three screeners chose the same writers that the three judges chose, but they liked different entries! As for me, had I judged the contest myself, I probably would have gone with the same writers . . . but I too would have chosen different entries. My favorite “novel” entered by Pam was “Twin brothers’ battle yields bitter fruit.” While anyone familiar with his/her Bible might say, “Aw, that’s just Esau and Jacob. How boring!”–I would disagree. I would remind you that there are only so many basic story plots anyway! And the foundational plot IS intriguing. Think about it. Twins are usually soulmates; they dress alike, think alike, finish each other’s sentences, so a battle between twins means you might have a good twin/evil twin thing going–or just a huge disagreement over something–but what? And what is the bitter fruit that is yielded? That’s a novel.

    Kathy Daugherty had more than one good entry. She had five–though, honestly, the sneaky snake was my least favorite! (And the word you’re missing, Jen, is “naked.”) I liked “Abandoned. Bitter. Christmas letter. Hello Daddy” or “Small town. Hello, Sailor. Hello world!” But sneaky snake was the winner, and she could have placed with any of her entries.

    As for Jen, well, all of hers were creative and funny and could make your imagine go in a hundred directions. The rejected screenwriter was good–obviously, but it wasn’t my personal favorite. “Poor fisherman wins lottery, goes overboard” would have won if the three screeners had had their say. I loved that one, but I also liked the full circle in “Lonely. Academy Award. Famous. Becomes hermit.” There is such a difference between being alone by choice and having solitude forced upon you–and there’s a novel in that. And then, “That’s not me in the mirror!” has such possibilities! What does it mean? Does she have amnesia? Did she have so many cosmetic surgeries that she looks like someone else? Multiple personality disorder? I love it!

    And then there’s Karen McSpadden. She sent in three entries. Her time machine entry won. All three screeners loved it; all three judges loved it. But all three screeners also loved another of her entries and not even one judge went for it: “Jonas Cole: Buried 1875; Reburied 1983.” Holey moley! I have absolutely no idea what it means, but I love it! It’s totally intriguing, and I’d buy that book in an instant to see what the heck it’s about! I found her other entry almost equally intriguing, but I had to think about it . . . “Darkness. Blood. Birth. Honey. Stone Light.” I don’t mind thinking–and I think I figured it out . . . and it’s good.

    There were several other notable entries I thought were well done and fun . . .
    “Fleeing piglet finds path to redemption!” (Sounds like a great children’s book!)
    “Storm chasers’ short-lived paradise, lost.”
    “Wife takes dog, truck . . . Nashville bound!” (Yes, it’s several country songs, but I love country songs, and I’d enjoy writing this romance.)
    “Two cowboys. Two guns. Funeral tomorrow.” (Maybe the basic story of the majority of westerns, but still–who are the cowboys and what is the argument . . . and whose funeral? It’s a book–and, done right, a good one. Just ask Louis L’amour or Larry McMurtry.)
    “Mushroom grows; mushroom glows . . . dark world.” (Can you say sci-fi?)
    Then of course, there’s the entry that came by direct reply after one of my emails pleading for entries: “She nagged. I wrote. Book sale!” Ha-ha. But still, I’d love it if that were true! 🙂

    As for me, now that’s it’s over . . . maybe I’ll take a few minutes and try to come up with a few of my own, just for fun, just for brain exercise. Sometimes I think I let myself slide a bit too much with my own writing since I’m automatically disqualified from participating as group leader. Maybe that should be my “theme” for this year: No excuses!

    You’re doing a great job with this blog, Jen. You inspire me!

    • Evelyn, thank you for supplying more entries. I heard a bunch of outstanding stories, but didn’t write them down. When you read the ones that alphabetically came before mine, I did not think I had a chance.
      My story “That’s not me in the mirror” is based on a sci-fi idea I have – not aliens, but more like one soul, two bodies and the soul gets confused about which body it’s in. I don’t think the Church would appreciate it, though. Now there are previews running for a new Jake Gyllenhaal movie in which he becomes other people in order to investigate terrorist attacks. And now that I think about it, there was this little TV show called “Quantum Leap”…
      I think Karen’s Jonas Cole story is about a vampire or a zombie. Those are the two characters you can count on to die, rise, live for a while, and die again.
      Perhaps this story contest can become a yearly tradition with our group. I think you should be allowed to enter, since you’re not a judge. Someone not participating can compile the entries.
      I find it ironic that so few men participated. Aren’t men the ones who religiously practice verbal economy? You’d think a story told in no more than six words would be perfect for them. But noooooo… Here, I’ll submit an entry on behalf of Pastor Neil: “Husband confessed. I counseled. Wife forgave.”

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