Someone Borrowed, Someone Blue

The theme for this assignment was “something left behind.”  Enjoy.    

     Amy was never what one would call a perfectionist, but every bride hopes her wedding day will be perfect. And Amy’s day went off without a hitch.

     It was providential that she and Joel had decided on an upside-down wedding – the kind where the reception is held prior to the ceremony. The usual purpose was to allow eager couples to head straight for a hotel as soon as they were legally wed. Amy’s wedding plans, however, served a purpose of their own.

     The reception site was artfully awash in her chosen color scheme of green and pink. Tulips bowed their heads just-so in vases at the center of each table. The wedding cake resembled Amy’s dress, with its faux pearl accents and draped-fabric-style icing. Guests clearly enjoyed themselves and seemed not to mind the music, which was all classical and not really meant for modern dance styles. Henry Mack, the photographer, wove among the guests taking candid photos without interrupting conversations and private moments. No one complained that it was a dry reception, and without the alcohol, everyone appeared to behave themselves. It was beautiful, perfect.

     Yet despite the apparent perfection, the strangest thing happened. A guest arrived late and was greeted by Amy herself, who then went to hang the guest’s coat in the cloakroom. She opened the door and there, to her surprise, was Joel, half-naked and wholly entangled with a bridesmaid. Amy dropped the coat, shut the door, and walked away. She strode purposefully to the getaway car which held the couple’s luggage, passports, and two tickets to Aruba. At the airport, Amy traded one of the tickets for an earlier flight.

     Now sitting in a chair on the white sands of Aruba, the sun shining upon her in solidarity, Amy thought about Joel. She thought about how lucky she had been to discover his infidelity at the reception before they were married, thanks to the upside-down wedding. What perfect timing it had been, to save all the legal hassles of divorce. Amy’s wedding day had indeed gone off without a hitch.


About SAS Fiction Girl

Writer of short fiction because I don't have the attention span to write anything longer.
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6 Responses to Someone Borrowed, Someone Blue

  1. suzicate says:

    LOVE that lasts line!

  2. Alfred Alejandro says:

    Hey Jen,
    Awesome short stories. They painted visions in my mind as I was reading them. I like Cops & Robbers as well as Awaken. If you ever decide you need an illustrator for your stories, let me know. =)

    • Thanks Alfie! I’m glad you found some favorites.
      I’ve had some folks say I should try to get published. If that happens, I’ll have to sit down with you on the illustrations. 🙂
      Do you have a website I can link to in the meantime?

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