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School Days

     Ginny had slept late; her sisters almost left without her that morning.  She ran to the kitchen and gobbled down her breakfast, then waited patiently for one of the older girls to brush her hair.  She had soft golden … Continue reading

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Pine Box Derby

The theme:  canceling an important event      Joseph Tippett faced the mirror, fixing his tie and slicking back his hair, not the least bit nervous in spite of the big day.  He’d envisioned this event since his teenage years growing up in the hollow.  … Continue reading

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     Below is my favorite photo of my kitten, Curly, posted to break up the monotony of the written word:      Curly lives indoors and is forced to unleash his inner jaguar by climbing our fake tree.  What you don’t see is … Continue reading

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Six-word Stories

     Tuesday’s Writers’ Group Meeting brought a pleasant surprise:  Evelyn announced a writing contest based on the 6-Word Novel platform.  A famous example, attributed to Hemingway, is “For sale:  baby shoes, never worn.”  Julius Caesar was a master of the 3-word … Continue reading

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Innocence, Lost

The theme:  Once, when  __  was young…   she gathered the flowers into a bundle dropping some along the way the brightest blooms from all over the yard dandelions and buttercups bright yellow the color of sunshine the color of … Continue reading

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Cops and Robbers

Danny scooted around the corner of the house, out of sight.  He could see the road, but people on the road couldn’t see him.  That police officer might be here soon, looking for him.  Danny was a robber and the police … Continue reading

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The theme:  starting over      Michelle Mitchell admired her reflection as she combed through her long blonde hair.  True, the locks were sewn in, but she’d paid for them so technically they were hers.  Her own hair – the tangle God … Continue reading

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